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Winter is back once again. And we all know what that means –shorter days and longer nights. As if it wasn’t hard enough waking up in the morning, it is even worse now as it is still dark outside! Starting your morning on a brighter note is always needed in the winter season, so what better way than to treat yourself with some scrumptious freshly baked goods from Dunn’s Bakery?

Dunn’s bakers know how important it is to energise yourself in the morning, by filling up with something tasty. Which is why we wake up bright and early to bake delicious morning treats such as doughnuts, croissants, pastries and muffins.

As a family owned business we understand the value of spending time eating breakfast with your loved ones in the morning, and that is something that so many of us unwillingly miss out on now days. Which is why we work hard to make all of our customers feel like part of our family. We welcome you with warm greetings and bake all our products with care and love that can be tasted in every single bite, not just in the morning but throughout the day.

Come into store and pick yourself up one of our freshly baked croissant and doughnut hybrid, the croughnut. All butter filled with a variety of different flavours. You can choose from Tiptree raspberry jam, chocolate fudge, apple cinnamon or lemon glaze. The choice is yours!


If you’re not interest in a croughnut and would prefer something more traditional, why not try out our delicious freshly baked doughnuts. After tweaking our recipe, they now taste even better than they did before! Filled with Tiptree raspberry jam, you will be craving our jam packed doughnuts throughout the day.


Dunn’s bakery is always here to brighten up your mornings. Stop by our store in the morning, whether on your way to work or coming back from your morning run, and pick up one of our delicious breakfast delights.


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Doughnut Cake

Doughnut Cake

20Years of national Doughnut Week

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Doughnuts galore! Dough Nut forget it’s National Doughnut Week at Dunn’s Bakery! 8th to 15th May 2011 Come and buy your doughnuts and support the children’s trust a charity that helps children with multiple disabilities . Mark and the team have been busy making doughnuts with sprinkles, jam, custard and iced and topped with your favourite team to win the world cup in South Africa. Choose the team you think will win and support a really worthwhile cause. The idea for national Doughnut week was a concept thought up in 1992 by our very own Christopher Freeman owner and director of Dunn’s bakery. The week is supported by the media from radio shows such as Chris Moyles right through to the Television such as Jonathan Ross. Last year we even went global with a mention on The Simpsons! Phil's favourite!



Phil's favourite!



Phil Tuffnell loves jam and cream doughnuts  and Chelsea Assistant  Ray Wilkins  says “ this is a fun way for the general public and football supporters to take part in the world cup doughnut poll”  Congratulations to Ray and the Chelsea team on winning the premiership! 



A  Final word from the bird! 

Cedric says that he has been over indulging in all the delicious doughnut flavours.  He can’t get off the ground!  Still he says it is all for a good cause  and he will jog off his extra inches at The Crouch End Fun Run this Sunday 16th May.   Or perhaps he will top up on his doughnut diet at the Dunn’s Bakery stall – See you there!

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