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On the eighth day of Christmas Dunn’s Bakery gave to me… eight magnificent treats.

As we anxiously begin the single digit countdown to one of the best holidays of the year we can’t help but dream about all the delicious goodies that Dunn’s Bakery is cooking up. We want to highlight for you eight of our favourite baked goods from our Christmas Range that you absolutely cannot miss out on during the last eight days before Christmas.

  1. One-of-a-kind brandy butter made with the finest French Brandy for the finest of Christmas sweets.

brandy butter

  1. Enjoy our fabulous French-filled macaroons in four classic flavours: chocolate, raspberry, orange and mint all with buttercream filling.


  1. Our traditional family-recipe Christmas pudding is one of our holiday favourites packed with high quality currants, raisins, sultanas, mixed peel, lemon and spices and then topped off with Redemption Ale and brandy, all while beautifully set in china basins and Christmas wrapped.

christmas pudding

  1. Hand decorated malt whiskey dundee cake is flavoured with fresh oranges, lemons and Malt Scotch Whiskey to make for a delicious after dinner dessert.

malt whiskey dundee cake

  1. Our fluffy, buttery, fresh baked mince pies will surely be the hit of your holiday gathering and can be purchased individually, or in boxes of 4, 8 or 12 depending on how hungry you are.

mince pies

  1. Our festive but strictly adult dessert, the rum truffle cake, is spiked with rum and covered in chocolate for quite the tasty indulgence.

rum truffle cake

  1. The yule log is for serious chocolate lovers made with rich chocolate sponge cake and chocolate buttercream, available in dark, milk or white chocolate.

yule log

  1. The Father Christmas cake exemplifies our Dessert Chef’s expertise as he crafts this adorable jolly Santa shaped cake made with our Genoese sponge cake layered with buttercream.

santa cake

Now that we have your mouth watering, come say hello down in our Crouch End shop. While you’re here in North London, you can conveniently cross off the rest of the items on your Christmas shopping list. The one-of-a-kind shopping experience in the Crouch End is the perfect place to complete all your gift buying whether it’s for your grandma, your best friend or your little brother. There is an extraordinary range of clothes shops, toyshops, bookshops and specialty food shops offering prices for all budgets. All within a 10 minute walk from the Clock Tower.


Pay us a visit or order online to try one or all of the baked goods from our Christmas Range. These goodies are the perfect indulgence to make your holidays the jolliest they’ve ever been! Whatever you require, we have just what you need here at Dunn’s Bakery.





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It only comes around once a year, so be sure to celebrate your birthday the right way, with a delicious and festive birthday cake from Dunn’s! All cakes are made on site in our North London bakery with the freshest ingredients possible, so we can ensure high quality every time. Since all cakes are homemade we are able to personalise based on flavours, themes, shapes, sizes and many other specifications. Whether you are celebrating a first birthday, twenty first birthday or one hundred and first birthday, Dunn’s Bakery is the premier bakery for the most beautiful, tasty, special cakes to enjoy for a birthday.

Dunns’ expert bakers can craft cakes for both children and adults, depending on your situation. Check out our website to see the gallery of some of Dunns’ past creations. Whether it’s a cute Mickey Mouse cake, a silly Cat in the Hat cake, a beautiful Cinderella inspired cake or a basketball cake, Dunn’s is prepared to wow you with our amazing children’s cake creations. No challenge is too daunting for our master bakers, and we know how important a child’s birthday cake is, so we strive to make your imagination come to life with our cakes.

3 cakecinderella cake

The possibilities of fantastic adult cakes are endless and our bakers are here to fulfil your birthday wishes and create the cake of your dreams. From cars and Guinness pints to handbags and shoes, our cakes won’t cease to amaze you! Another popular cake is our number cakes which can be made for single, double or even triple digit celebrations. Photo cakes can be fun option, we use the newest technology to transfer your photo onto a cake with deliciously edible icing. Top off any of our cakes with a personalised message and your cake will be the centrepiece of the party.

guiness cakeshoe cake

We take birthdays seriously here at Dunn’s, therefore, each cake is designed by our expert cake designer and decorator at our  Crouch End family owned bakery. Take your pick from a range of delicious flavours including vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge, fruitcake and even indulgent chocolate fudge! Made with only the finest ingredients, all locally sourced, to ensure you enjoy every last bite. All of our cakes are made with our family-secret recipe passed down through generations, so come find out why Dunn’s Bakery is one of the longest-running bakeries in London.

Pop into our shop to inquire about our one-of-a-kind birthday cakes or visit our online shop to buy online quick and easy!

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As December rolls in it brings with it colder weather, beautiful city decorations, holiday cheer and most importantly great food festivals! We hope your weekend isn’t too packed with plans for the holiday season because these food festivals are the perfect excuse to bundle up and head into the city to indulge in some delicious edibles.

The London Chocolate Festival

  • 4-6 December
  • Business Design Centre

Upper Street

South Bank N1 0QH

  • Ticket prices start at £5

Chocoholics or not, all are welcome to tantalize your taste buds trying the best and newest artisan chocolates. Treat yourself with a fabulously relaxing cocoa butter beauty treatment at The Cocoa Spa. Or enjoy the best hot chocolate of your life at the Chocolate Café. Better yet discover the health benefits of chocolate and taste some free-from and raw chocolate at The Health Zone. Yael Rose, the founder, can’t contain her excitement for this year’s festivities: “We’ve created multi-sensory experiences around touch, taste and discovery that make the festivals much more then just a food show”. What better way to enjoy your weekend than to indulge yourself with some chocolatey treats. Check out the London Chocolate Festival!


BBC Good Food Festive Fayre

  • 4-6 December
  • Hampton Court Palace

East Molesey

Surrey KT8 9AU

  • Ticket includes entry for Hampton Court Palace and the BBC Good Food Festive Fayre

Christmas takes over at the Hampton Court to celebrate their 500 year anniversary with this brand new festival. Check out the exhibitors including The Hebridean Food Company and Christmas Liquors from Portobello Road Gin. Be sure to take home some fresh and delicious food along with some of the holiday spirit. Stop and chat with the chefs in The Winter Kitchen while warming up by a roaring fire. They’ll be sure to give your some tips to help with your holiday feast while you watch their live demonstrations. Find out when the famous chefs will be busy in the kitchen.


Druid St Market: Chefs of Tomorrow

  • 5 December
  • Druid Street Market
  • Druid Street

Southwark SE1 2HH

  • Free entry

You’re just in time for the last segment of the collaboration between Druid Street Market and Chefs of Tomorrow! This 5-week series brought in 9 different chefs from restaurants around the UK to show off some spectacular dishes. The final week closes the show with Dan Gibeon from Brighton’s Silo. Stop by to watch Dan work his magic and roast up a whole goat. Learn more about this event.


Little Feast

  • Open from Wednesday-Sunday now until 23 December:
    • Shepherd’s Bush Yard

Goldhawk Road

London W12 8HA

  • Free entry

A sister event of street food festival Feast, Little Feast, gives a wintery spinoff serving seasonal food and drink. The scenery looks like something straight out of a fairy tale, mimicking a Scandinavian forest with fir trees and wooden huts housing banquette seating and heaters to keep you warm. Be sure to check out the daily food or drink offer- whether it’s fresh bread, cheese, meats, mulled wine or cocktails- Little Feast has it all. Looking for some live music to entertain your weekend? Look no further, during the day the festival has live bands playing acoustic music. Register on their website ahead of time to get a free winter warmer


Next time you are in North London, come by Dunn’s Bakery and pop in to try some of our holiday inspired baked goods. From fresh baked bread to hand made mincemeat pies to customizable cakes we have everything you are looking for to treat yourself for the holidays.


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Hungry but only have a few minutes to grab a quick and delicious lunch? Look no further, Dunn’s Bakery located in Crouch End North London, is the solution to your lunchtime cravings. Here at Dunn’s we are a family run business that aims to please each and every one of our customers with not only our tasty baked goods but also with our friendly service.

All sandwiches are crafted on freshly baked bread made in-house using our family owned traditional slow method. We offer our delectable sandwiches on a range of subs, baguettes, and wraps. Feel like you deserve to treat yourself today? Enjoy one of our gourmet sandwiches, such as the smoked salmon and cream cheese, roast beef and stilton, turkey, and more. Feeling famished because you didn’t have time for breakfast? Indulge in a filled sandwich with a wide selection of cheeses such as brie, mozzarella, or apple wood smoked cheddar with Gi multiseed bread that keeps you fuller longer. Have a dietary need? Our North London bakery offers vegetarian sandwiches made with hummus, Mediterranean vegetables and red pepper pate along with the option of wheat-free, or spelte and honey bread.


If a savoury meal is more what you are looking for, not a problem, we offer a variety of quiches, pies, and pasties to fill you up. Our Steak and Ale Pie is made using Redemption Ale from a brewery in Tottenham and gives a new spin to a well-known classic. Better yet, try our Crouch End Pasty using British beef, potato, and fresh vegetables. Ditch that boring lunch you are used to and come enjoy a tasty and satisfying meal with us!


Dunn’s Bakery is dedicated to serving its community therefore we strive to use as many local ingredients as possible. Fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, and salads are delivered to us daily so we can transform them into mouth-watering baked goods and lunches for you! Don’t forget to grab a fresh salad, ice cold drink, and crisps to complete your meal before you head back to work.

Let us at Dunn’s Bakery make your lunch break an enjoyable, relaxing time, knowing you can count on our high quality ingredients and friendly service day in and day out. Stop in and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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The harvest festival is around the corner, and what better way is there to celebrate, than with freshly baked bread? Here at Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End we ensure that all the relationships we build are maintained and kept strong. One special relationship that we have kept striving over the years is with our baker, Ron, who specialises in harvest bread.

History behind Dunn’s Bakery relationship with Ron

At 15 years old, Ron began training at Dunn’s Bakery as an apprentice. After learning the art behind baking, an enthusiastic Ron continued to work for many more years alongside the family owned bakery. After years of working and gaining experience from one of North London’s finest bakeries, Ron went on to open his own bakery in the Essex area; which became very successful.

After retiring, Ron returned to London where he joined the Dunn’s Bakery family once again as a part time baker. As we extended our opening days to Sunday also, we were in need of another baker. Luckily for us, Ron came to the rescue, and took on that role. Returning the favour, Ron began to teach the younger members of the Dunn’s family how to bake, one of those baked goods being Harvest bread.

Photo 19-09-2015 12 56 39

What is the Harvest Festival?

The annual Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food grown in the land. The festival has gone back centuries to the pagan days, and is still being celebrated worldwide, with Christians using it as a time to remember what God has done for them.

Originally, the Harvest Festival was celebrated at the beginning of the harvest season on the 1st August, and was called Lammas, meaning ‘Loaf Mass’. Farmers would make bread loaves from the new wheat crop gathered in their fields, and give them to the local churches. The bread was then used as communion bread during mass to thank God for the harvest. However, after Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic church, this tradition ended, and the Harvest festival as we know it today began.

Traditionally, people bring food from home to the Harvest Festival service, either at church or in school. All the food that is brought in is distributed to those in need. Many schools and churches use the festival as an opportunity to raise money and awareness for developing countries with food shortages.

Photo 19-09-2015 15 07 56

Dunn’s Bakery and the Harvest Festival

Just like any other festival or celebration, Dunn’s Bakery enjoy getting involved in the Harvest festival. As all of our baked goods are made from the freshest local ingredients, we couldn’t let the Harvest Festival pass without a celebration.

For this year’s Harvest Festival, our baker Ron, and our younger Dunn’s Bakery family member, Lewis, came together and made bread loaves to celebrate the festival.

Why not pop in to a local church around the North London area and pick yourself a loaf? You can choose from a wheatsheaf, or 5 loaves and two fishes. Don’t miss out!

Photo 19-09-2015 12 56 39

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Here at Dunn’s we believe that each and every one of our customers are important, and try our very best to cater to all of our customer’s needs. This is so we can meet people’s tastes and continue to provide the utmost respected service possible.


Gluten free

A gluten free diet is one that does not contain any of the protein, gluten, which is included in some grains such as wheat, barley and rye. Where most people who are on a gluten free diet tend to be suffers of celiac disease, which is triggered by the consumption of gluten, others choose to remove it from their diet for a healthier lifestyle.

Over the years we have noticed an increase of gluten free products requested, and just because we care about what our customers want, and aim to keep them happy, we started a new gluten free range. Although at the current stage, the range is rather small, we still provide a selection for our customers to choose from.

Our Gluten Free Range

The gluten free range at Dunn’s bakery include delectable produce such as apricot muffins. Just like our regular muffins, they are moist and fluffy and filled with flavour, you can barely tell the difference. We also provide gluten free chocolate brownies with hazelnuts for those who love to indulge themselves in the delicious chocolaty flavour. Not only that but we also cater for the simpler things in life, such as bread. Our gluten free bread loaf is surprisingly very light and keeps well.

So why not run down to Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End North London and get yourself some gluten free treats. We also produce special requested gluten free cakes for special occasions. Whether it is gluten free, dairy free or egg free, we are able to produce cakes and cupcakes to the highest quality, just pop in or call us to find out more information.

gluten 1 gluten 3 gluten 2

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Wedding cakes play a large part of today’s weddings, but they have always had quite a big role to play in previous years. Whether they are triple tier or single, there all symbolic in one way or another.


Where did the wedding cake come from?

Wedding cakes have customarily been celebrated with a special caked. In the ancient roman times cakes made from wheat or barley were often broken over the brides head by the groom as a symbol of good luck and fortune. After the couple had eaten a couple of the crumbs, the guests would eat the rest for good luck!

Where as in the medieval times, small spiced buns were stacked up as high as possible, and if the newlyweds were able to kiss over the tall stack, it would mean they would have a long married life filled with prosperity.

Wedding cake traditions

The wedding cake traditions may not be the same as those in the medieval or roman times, as they have evolved, but there are a number of different cake traditions people choose to follow on their special days. An example of this is the cake cutting. Just like the first dance or the throwing of the bouquet, this is probably one of the most anticipated parts of a wedding. The cake cutting is said to represent the first activity done as a married couple. Today tiered cakes are usually made for weddings with the top tier made for the bride and groom to keep, the middle tier for guest distribution and the bottom tier for the cake cutting at the reception.

Another well-known cake tradition is the bride and groom feeding each other cake. This follows from the cake cutting, with the newlyweds feeding each other a small bite of the wedding cake. This is meant to symbolise the affection and commitment that the couple promise to show towards each other.



Although this tradition may not be as popular now as the previous two, the tradition of baking charms into the wedding cake was one that used to be widely used. Each charm that was placed into the cake symbolised something different.

Dunn’s Bakery Wedding Cakes

Dunn’s Bakery specialise in wedding cakes, with each and every one produced with the finest and freshest ingredients, baked and decorated at our North London premises. We make all of our wedding cakes suited to all tastes, whether they are the fruit wedding cakes crafted with the family owned secret recipe, or the cream wedding cakes made with the freshest cream. We accommodate any preference.

We produce contemporary wedding cakes with intricate cake toppers, such as figurines and other edible decorations, including flowers, ribbons and birds. All of our contemporary cake designs are modern and extraordinary.

However, if you prefer a more tradition wedding cake, we also create those. Often being topped with a bride and groom figurine, our classical wedding cakes are often decorated with handmade floral decorations, all ranging in complexity to suit our customer’s desire.

wedding  3

Go on to our website and take a look at some of our wedding cake creation or give is a call to find out more information about how we can make you special day be filled with delicious flavours.

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