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As we all know, the holiday season is about giving not receiving, so why not throw the best holiday party this season for your friends, family, or coworkers. Whether you are planning a small get-together with friends and family or organising the event for your office at work, Dunn’s Bakery is here to help lessen your stress. With top-quality goods ranging from sweet to savoury, Dunn’s North London bakery provides excellent service and premium food, no matter what your catering needs are. After all, there’s nothing better to put you in the holiday spirit than one of our decadent mincemeat pies.

sandwich dunns

If you are looking to host a group of your closest friends and family for an intimate gathering, Dunn’s party catering would be the perfect option. However if your party planning skills are being put towards planning your office’s holiday party, Dunn’s corporate catering is just what you are looking for! We aim to satisfy all our customers needs therefore we offer a range of food platters to please even the pickiest of eaters: traditional, gourmet, vegetarian, savoury, and cake platters all contain the well-known deliciousness of Dunn’s.

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Breakfast, lunch or dinner, our family bakery is here to make your party the tastiest of the season. Our breakfast assortments include several decadent offerings including assorted croissants, filled bagels, freshly made breads, pastries, and danishes, fruit salad, all accompanied with juice, tea and coffee. For lunch or dinner Dunn’s offers a variety of items ranging from hearty sandwiches filled with fresh local ingredients and made on fluffy homemade bread to beautifully filled vol au vents and everything in between. Some of our favorites are our classic sausage rolls, quiches, tricolore salad, and mince pies- all great to celebrate the holidays with! Don’t forget to top off the night with one of our festive cake platters or a customized cake for a special celebration.

cake dunns

Whether you have a specific requirement, a customization need or a health constraint, Dunn’s Bakery accepts individual requests because we bake our goods on site, and always try our best to meet customer needs. We care about our community and want to take away the stress that can come along with the holidays, therefore we always have reasonable prices to make our customers and their wallets happy. We want to help you save money, especially around the holidays, so this year you can have some extra cash for that Secret Santa exchange you’ve been looking forward to.
Give us a call or come visit in the Crouch End to inquire about our catering for your upcoming holiday party for the 2015 season. Finish out this year on a high note with Dunn’s Bakery!


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Hungry but only have a few minutes to grab a quick and delicious lunch? Look no further, Dunn’s Bakery located in Crouch End North London, is the solution to your lunchtime cravings. Here at Dunn’s we are a family run business that aims to please each and every one of our customers with not only our tasty baked goods but also with our friendly service.

All sandwiches are crafted on freshly baked bread made in-house using our family owned traditional slow method. We offer our delectable sandwiches on a range of subs, baguettes, and wraps. Feel like you deserve to treat yourself today? Enjoy one of our gourmet sandwiches, such as the smoked salmon and cream cheese, roast beef and stilton, turkey, and more. Feeling famished because you didn’t have time for breakfast? Indulge in a filled sandwich with a wide selection of cheeses such as brie, mozzarella, or apple wood smoked cheddar with Gi multiseed bread that keeps you fuller longer. Have a dietary need? Our North London bakery offers vegetarian sandwiches made with hummus, Mediterranean vegetables and red pepper pate along with the option of wheat-free, or spelte and honey bread.


If a savoury meal is more what you are looking for, not a problem, we offer a variety of quiches, pies, and pasties to fill you up. Our Steak and Ale Pie is made using Redemption Ale from a brewery in Tottenham and gives a new spin to a well-known classic. Better yet, try our Crouch End Pasty using British beef, potato, and fresh vegetables. Ditch that boring lunch you are used to and come enjoy a tasty and satisfying meal with us!


Dunn’s Bakery is dedicated to serving its community therefore we strive to use as many local ingredients as possible. Fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, and salads are delivered to us daily so we can transform them into mouth-watering baked goods and lunches for you! Don’t forget to grab a fresh salad, ice cold drink, and crisps to complete your meal before you head back to work.

Let us at Dunn’s Bakery make your lunch break an enjoyable, relaxing time, knowing you can count on our high quality ingredients and friendly service day in and day out. Stop in and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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Dunn’s Bakery offer a catering service to take away the hassle of having to prepare food for an event or function. We are more than just 5th generation bakers, we are caterers.


There is no need to bombard yourself with the stress of having to prepare dishes to provide for guests at an event of function. Here, at our north London bakery, we are here to help with our catering service. Just like all our baked goods, everything we provide with our catering service is made in our kitchen, daily. All of the ingredients used are the finest and freshest, all from our local suppliers. We provide all of our goods to meet individual requirements, and cater for both corporate events and private parties.

When it comes to party planning, don’t worry about checking off “food” on your to do check list. Our Crouch End bakery produces delicious cakes and savouries, just as tasty as those made at home. Each and every day, we bake a number of fresh goods, such as sausage rolls, quiches, cakes, and, of course, a wide range of freshly made bread.


Not only that, but we also offer sandwich platters in four different choices. These choices include our traditional platters, with egg mayo, ham, cheese, and tuna sandwiches. Our vegetarian platter, with brie, humus, Mediterranean vegetables, egg mayo, dolce latte and mushroom sandwiches. The gourmet plater, with prawns, smoked salmon, chicken, turkey, beef and stilton sandwiches. Along with these sandwich platters, we also have a savoury platter, which includes sausages rolls, cheese straws, filled vol au vents. Finally, if that wasn’t enough to wet your appetite, we also offer a cake platter, with a variety of cakes such as chocolate fudge, fruit, banana and ginger.

All of these goods are also available with our corporate catering package.

Along with these platters and many others, we also provide filled ciabatta rolls, filled bagels, breakfast platters, drinks and kettle chips.

To find out more about sizing and price listing visit our website.

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On trawling through the internet I came across National Picnic Week, never knew there was a thing, so I did what everyone else does these days & Googled!

It is truly amazing what you can find; did you know that during the 14th Century a Picnic was a Medieval Hunting Feast, with cheese, pastries & other specialty baked goods were served.   In the oxford English Dictionary a Picnic is described as “a fashionable social entertainment in which each person present contributed a share of the provisions; a party including an excursion to some spot in the country. ~ a nice thought!

These days a picnic is still a social gathering & with Jubilee Celebrations & other events throughout the summer we will no doubt see the Picnic as popular as ever.   Although usually a family gathering… I don’t know about you but I can remember being dragged to the beach in the freezing weather & we would normally ending up eating the beach in the sandwiches…ahh happy days! But it doesn’t have to be, from the ubiquitous Teddy bears picnic to ‘Picnics in the Park or a Romantic Evening for 2 a Picnic is what you make of it be it & here at Dunn’s Bakery we can provide the whole picnic, sandwiches, sausage rolls, pies & pasties, delicious homemade quiches right through to desert why not be indulgent & have a selection of our fresh fruit tarts or go traditional with a slab or bar cake…sorry but we cannot provide the champagne!  Whatever your picnic, have fun with it…………Teddy Bear’s not necessarily included!

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The first Diamond Jubilee celebrated in the UK was that of Queen Victoria on 20th June 1897, & whilst our current queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee on the 5th June the actual 60th anniversary of her accession occurred on 6 February 2012.

Over the long weekend whilst friends, family & neighbours will be encouraged to join together in a Big Jubilee Lunch elsewhere there will be lots of pomp & pageantry one of the highlights will be on the river Thames with a large flotilla of boats…so…..

Get out the Bunting, balloons & the flags……as the Diamond Jubilee reaches its pinnacle help is here at hand from Dunns Bakery…… we have some really beautiful creations that could adorn any celebration table so go on….invite your friends, family & neighbours, lay out the cups, the plates & the napkins let’s get the party off to a truly glorious start….fill your table with some of our delicious moist vanilla or chocolate cupcakes; choose from buttercream topped with crowns & flags or covered in yummy fondant icing & affixed with an edible logo – at least you can say you ate the queens head! Our red white & blue sprinkled doughnuts look fabulous piled high on a plate & let’s not forget the main event perhaps a fresh cream sponge decorated with fresh fruit & echoing the union jack or if you want to be a little bit more prepared why not choose a 6” iced sponge cake with a celebratory edible image, any of these could be the centre piece of table, we also have fondant iced fancies with either a red or blue edible rose & as always our delicious zingy gingerbread dipped in chocolate with Smartie jewels & for those of you with more sophisticated tastes there is the classic French macaroon in delicate royalist colours of red white & blue.

In many of the preparations for the diamond Jubilee we have all seen echoes of the past, not just in the newsreels that so frequently pop up on the television but in the pictures of street parties that seem to appear in the newspapers…….. so don’t you forget the traditional classics, we will still be making them delicious crumbly jam tarts, Bakewell tarts with the cherry on top & the moist Victoria tart & what about the iconic Battenburg Cake, some things just never really go out of fashion.  Ps. – don’t forget the humble sandwich made fresh every day from our very own bread.

Whatever you do have a right Royal weekend!

60 Glorious Years!

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In Memory Of June Cushen

Our colleague June Cushen passed away on the 5th June 2010.  June was a loyal and long standing member of the Dunn’s Team for 12 years.  Both staff and customers generously made donations.  A beautiful floral tribute was bought and a donation was made to Diabetes UK in June’s name.   Our thoughts are with June’s family.   June, we miss you and may you rest in peace x

 Dunns Bakery 

Well the sandwich suggestion box is now up & running don’t forget you could win a £10.00 Dunn’s Bakery Voucher if your sandwich suggestion is chosen to become one of our regular fillings so go on fill the box……& don’t forget with all this talk of salt reduction levels in food  at Dunn’s we have already reached the 2012 FSA Target!! 

Do You Know the Muffin Man?

  With the release of Shrek Forever After opening at Leicester Square Dunn’s of Crouch End was not so much the Muffin Men but the Gingerbread Army as  we provided 400 Gingerbread Men for the Shrek 4 premiere in Leicester square. Each Gingerbread Man was hand decorated in the style of the Gingerbread from Shrek & topped off with unmistakable jelly dot instead of our usual coloured chocolate bean – they proved a real hit not only looking great but tasting good as well!

Gingerbread Army

THe Gingerbread Army is taking over!

Craft Bakers Week (7th – 12th June)

Was such a success we extended our offers for another week – don’t forget to check out Dunn’s Digest to see what new offers are running, available to download or why not pick one up in store.  The purpose of this week is to highlight the skills of independent Craft Bakers who serve the  local community ensuring that our products are the freshest and the best they could possibly be.

With Wimbledon upon us why not relax on those sunny days & enjoy Eton Mess made with Dunn’s Meringues, fruit coulis & lashings of double cream.  A simple Fruit Coulis can made by whizzing a punnett of soft fruit of your choice (strawberries or raspberries are the best) & adding a dash of lemon juice & mixing in icing sugar to taste.  If you prefer a smooth coulis sieve the fruit to remove seeds.

Scrummy yummy Meringues!

Meringues are available at Dunn’s in

4 flavours and at only a £1.00 each great value!

 Blueberry, Raspberry, Cinnamon & Chocolate



With Exams nearly over & the summer holidays fast approaching don’t forget to pop in to Dunn’s whether it’s for a sandwich for a day out or for your weekly treat – you deserve it!!

 And finally a word from the bird. 

Cedric is planning a little break , he’s packing lots of goodies from Dunn’s to take with him. He is winging his way to a little holiday in the Canaries!!!

 See You Next time!


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Easter Chicks

The Easter chicks are taking flight in Dunn's!!!

Here at Dunn’s Bakery, Peter our Confectioner has been busy creating our handmade Easter Iced Chicks. These delightful chicks are made of light Genoese sponge and are filled with Buttercream, covered in soft Fondant Icing. These are one of our Easter ‘specials’, designed as a tasty alternative to Chocolate.  Cedric says … Come and ‘tweet’ yourself to one before they fly away!!!!

 Come to Dunn’s Bakery this Easter and you will be spoilt for choice.   You won’t know whether to buy our scrumptious spicy Hot Cross Buns or our Tasty tempting Chocolate Treats- like our handmade Easter Bunnies.  You had better grab them quick before they hop away!

On his journey around Dunn’s Cedric found out from Rebecca one of our shop Supervisors that Dunn’s will be open all over the Easter weekend –  really useful for all those last minute goodies! so come early and grab some fresh bread, Rolls  or some Sandwiches!  Rebecca says that she loves working Easter weekend as it is busy and lively here and the customers use the holiday  Weekend to linger and have a chat about the latest products and offers. 

 A last word from the Bird! We will be open on Easter  Sunday  9am to 4pm and Easter Monday 7am to 5pm

 Cedric wishes you  a Happy Easter –  Have an Eggstra special weekend  from Dunn’s Bakery!


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