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Great news, Christmas is around the corner, and approaching us faster day by day! The holiday season is filled with joy, from spending time with family and friends, to receiving and opening gifts placed underneath our beautifully decorated tree, but how could we forget our most enjoyed part of the Christmas season – THE FOOD! The mince pies, puddings, cakes and even the turkey, Dunn’s loves every part of Christmas dining.

With the festive season coming into full effect, yearly traditions have also begun. Whether it is your family’s tradition to go carol singing on Christmas Eve, or to celebrate the worldwide tradition of roasting a turkey for Christmas day dinner, we all follow some kind of tradition this time of the year. Here at Dunn’s Bakery, we have our very own tradition which we like to follow. Every year the Dunn’s Bakery family gathers together to dress up our shop window. Keeping with the festive theme, we place our Christmas tree decorated with our hand baked gingerbread ornaments and ribbons, Christmas cakes and pies, wreaths, and lights in our window, bringing the Christmas spirit into our bakery.

Dunns Bakery on Instagram- -Our new Christmas window is now in, stop and take a peek when you're passing! #Christmas2015 #crouchend #eatlocal #n8-.clipular

You know Christmas is around the corner once our festive blackboard comes out to make its appearance. The countdown till Christmas couldn’t be any more exciting.

Dunns Bakery on Instagram- -The festive blackboard is in! Only 43 days to go! -------- #crouchend #christmas2015-.clipular

Keeping with traditions in Dunn’s Bakery, we have launched our Christmas range for 2015, and we are just as excited about this as you, possibly even more. Everything in Dunn’s is coming together for the holiday season, and we want to do everything in our power to make your Christmas tastier this year with our freshly baked desserts.

We have a wide selection to choose from in our Christmas range. From our velvet iced Christmas sponge or fruit cake, to our traditional round luxury Dundee cake made with currants, raisins, fresh orange and tangy lemon, decorated with split almonds. Or maybe you’re interested in our freshly baked mince pies packed full of our delicious homemade mincemeat in a variation of pastries. Could we tempt you with our Gingerbread delights? A gingerbread house could be the centrepiece of your desserts table, with hand decorated gingerbread snowmen and angels. Or perhaps you would prefer one of our freshly baked luxury Christmas puddings.

Our traditional Christmas pudding recipe has been handed down through the family for years! They are made with the freshest currants, raisins, sultanas and mixed peel, with lemons and spices to enhance the flavour and redemption ale and brandy to make our Christmas puddings the very best. Take a look at the video below, we give you a sneak peek into how we create our Christmas puddings.

Christmas Puddings from Dunn’s Bakery on Vimeo.

For the Christmas season we also have our mince pie selection box for £6.99, which contain:
2x Shortcrust Mince Pies
2x Deep Fill Shortcrust Mince Pies
2x Wholemeal Mince Pies
2x Puff Pastry Mince Pies
So make sure you don’t forget to pick up a box or two for Christmas.


Next time you’re in the area during this festive season, pop into our North London Bakery and pick yourself up a Christmas delight. Don’t forget, our online Christmas shop has now opened, and we’re taking all of our last orders on Monday 22nd December by 12 noon. Make sure you order all of your Christmas desserts before it is too late!


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Hungry but only have a few minutes to grab a quick and delicious lunch? Look no further, Dunn’s Bakery located in Crouch End North London, is the solution to your lunchtime cravings. Here at Dunn’s we are a family run business that aims to please each and every one of our customers with not only our tasty baked goods but also with our friendly service.

All sandwiches are crafted on freshly baked bread made in-house using our family owned traditional slow method. We offer our delectable sandwiches on a range of subs, baguettes, and wraps. Feel like you deserve to treat yourself today? Enjoy one of our gourmet sandwiches, such as the smoked salmon and cream cheese, roast beef and stilton, turkey, and more. Feeling famished because you didn’t have time for breakfast? Indulge in a filled sandwich with a wide selection of cheeses such as brie, mozzarella, or apple wood smoked cheddar with Gi multiseed bread that keeps you fuller longer. Have a dietary need? Our North London bakery offers vegetarian sandwiches made with hummus, Mediterranean vegetables and red pepper pate along with the option of wheat-free, or spelte and honey bread.


If a savoury meal is more what you are looking for, not a problem, we offer a variety of quiches, pies, and pasties to fill you up. Our Steak and Ale Pie is made using Redemption Ale from a brewery in Tottenham and gives a new spin to a well-known classic. Better yet, try our Crouch End Pasty using British beef, potato, and fresh vegetables. Ditch that boring lunch you are used to and come enjoy a tasty and satisfying meal with us!


Dunn’s Bakery is dedicated to serving its community therefore we strive to use as many local ingredients as possible. Fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, and salads are delivered to us daily so we can transform them into mouth-watering baked goods and lunches for you! Don’t forget to grab a fresh salad, ice cold drink, and crisps to complete your meal before you head back to work.

Let us at Dunn’s Bakery make your lunch break an enjoyable, relaxing time, knowing you can count on our high quality ingredients and friendly service day in and day out. Stop in and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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The harvest festival is around the corner, and what better way is there to celebrate, than with freshly baked bread? Here at Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End we ensure that all the relationships we build are maintained and kept strong. One special relationship that we have kept striving over the years is with our baker, Ron, who specialises in harvest bread.

History behind Dunn’s Bakery relationship with Ron

At 15 years old, Ron began training at Dunn’s Bakery as an apprentice. After learning the art behind baking, an enthusiastic Ron continued to work for many more years alongside the family owned bakery. After years of working and gaining experience from one of North London’s finest bakeries, Ron went on to open his own bakery in the Essex area; which became very successful.

After retiring, Ron returned to London where he joined the Dunn’s Bakery family once again as a part time baker. As we extended our opening days to Sunday also, we were in need of another baker. Luckily for us, Ron came to the rescue, and took on that role. Returning the favour, Ron began to teach the younger members of the Dunn’s family how to bake, one of those baked goods being Harvest bread.

Photo 19-09-2015 12 56 39

What is the Harvest Festival?

The annual Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food grown in the land. The festival has gone back centuries to the pagan days, and is still being celebrated worldwide, with Christians using it as a time to remember what God has done for them.

Originally, the Harvest Festival was celebrated at the beginning of the harvest season on the 1st August, and was called Lammas, meaning ‘Loaf Mass’. Farmers would make bread loaves from the new wheat crop gathered in their fields, and give them to the local churches. The bread was then used as communion bread during mass to thank God for the harvest. However, after Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic church, this tradition ended, and the Harvest festival as we know it today began.

Traditionally, people bring food from home to the Harvest Festival service, either at church or in school. All the food that is brought in is distributed to those in need. Many schools and churches use the festival as an opportunity to raise money and awareness for developing countries with food shortages.

Photo 19-09-2015 15 07 56

Dunn’s Bakery and the Harvest Festival

Just like any other festival or celebration, Dunn’s Bakery enjoy getting involved in the Harvest festival. As all of our baked goods are made from the freshest local ingredients, we couldn’t let the Harvest Festival pass without a celebration.

For this year’s Harvest Festival, our baker Ron, and our younger Dunn’s Bakery family member, Lewis, came together and made bread loaves to celebrate the festival.

Why not pop in to a local church around the North London area and pick yourself a loaf? You can choose from a wheatsheaf, or 5 loaves and two fishes. Don’t miss out!

Photo 19-09-2015 12 56 39

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History of the birthday cake


It is known that many people celebrate their birthday with a birthday cake, but it has been said that Germany was the pioneer of this practice. Cakes represent wealth; only wealthy people could afford to buy one. The cakes were expensive because of the elaborate designs and decorations on the cakes. After the industrial revolution, ordinary people could finally have a chance to take a bite of the cakes as the resources such as cooking utensils and ingredients became cheaper.

In the past, the texture of cakes was similar as bread, as compared to the cakes that we have today. Later on sweeter versions were made, which they called Geburtstagorten.

Traditional birthday cakes


Every country has their own tradition, as birthday cakes become more and more popular; everyone has managed to come up with their own versions of the birthday cake.

Date back to Ancient Greek Civilizations, the individual gaining one more year would bring a circle shaped pastry to the temple of Artemis, the goddess of nature, the moon and fertility in order to ensure her favor for another year. The circle cakes were meant to resemble the moon and candles were placed on top so as to resemble heavenly body. Today, many cakes around the world are still served in the same circular, fiery way.


Birthdays in France tend to be celebrated without the frosted flair of the US. Commonly, cakes and tarts are served with chocolate and fresh whipped cream.


Rather than a traditional cake, birthdays in India are often celebrated with milk or yogurt dumplings either served with nuts or flavored syrup.

New Zealand & Australia

Birthday celebrations in these two countries are often marked with a fruit and cream filled, layered meringue Pavlova. They can be quite decedent and colorful, using local favorites such as the kiwi to decorate.


Savory rice and vegetable cakes are formed to celebrate a variety of holidays in Indonesian culture. Served with vegetables, meat, and side dishes, yellow rice is usually used to form the beautiful layers. The color is to signify wishes of wealth and prosperity for the birthday individual.


Often times, each guest at a Chinese birthday party will receive a peach-shaped pastry filled with lotus paste. This tradition is especially acted out as a person becomes older. In Chinese literature, a peach signifies long life and immortality, what the person wishes for themselves as they age.


Cakes in British culture are often baked with symbolic objects mixed in. Items like a thimble or a coin are incorporated into the batter. The person that receives the piece with a coin is said to become wealthy and the person with the thimble is predicted never to marry.


Danish birthday cakes for adults consist of three layers alternating with cream, berries, custard, and any other mix-ins of your choosing. However, for children a kagemand or kagekone, a rolled out pastry, is decorated to look like a cake woman or cake man. Using chocolate, candy, and icing, the cake child is cut into pieces to enjoy while the children scream in mock fear and the birthday child nibbles on the head.


The African country does not have a specific birthday sweet that is generally served at birthday gatherings. However, kelewele is almost always served at the birthday celebration or for breakfast. The cooked, ripe plantains are spiced with ginger and pepper and is fried to a delicious golden brown.


Tortas consisting of fruit fillings and dried meringue layers are often served on birthdays in Chile. Lucuma, a tropical fruit that tastes of sweet custard, is a popular flavor for the fruit cream. At many Latin American birthdays, the child will bite into the cake without utensils after blowing out the candles and the friends around push their face into the frosting.


Given its history and location, Serbian cuisine harbors characteristics from Asian culture as well as Mediterranean countries such as Greece. One of their traditional cakes served often on birthdays is a good indicator of such influences. Vasa’s torte base is a rich, nutty orange cake that is then topped with a decadent walnut-chocolate mousse. The cake is covered in fluffy meringue cream and sprinkled with zested orange and chopped nuts.

Dunn’s Bakery bring you birthday cakes

螢幕快照 2015-08-06 上午11.26.55

Dunn’s Bakery would like to continue the traditions. As much as we may no longer place a coin or a thimble into our cakes, we still believe birthday cakes are necessity to enjoy any birthday celebrations properly. We bake all of our goods to the highest quality to ensure all of our birthday cakes meet our customer’s tastes.

Dunn’s bakery offers a wide range of birthday cakes to suit any of our customers’ desires. Our birthday cakes range from cartoon characters, footballs, numbers, to the traditional round cake or the more modern, photo cakes.

We promise to provide fresh birthday cakes, as we make everything on site daily. There is also the choice of two flavours, chocolate and vanilla, along with so many other options to customise our cakes.

The North London bakery not only allows you to buy the cakes in store, but we also give our customers the option of buying birthday cakes online, through our online cake shop.

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Want to do something special during the remainder of the summer? Here’s some good news to share with all food and drink enthusiasts! From early August onwards, a few delectable food festivals are going to pop up in London every weekend! This is the golden chance to explore various food & drinks prepared by a unique line up of star chefs, to enjoy music played by live-band and to watch cooking and cake demonstrations. Let’s enjoy a delightful moment with your family and friends. Check out the events below:

Banbury Food Festival

Event Title: Banbury Food Fair

Date: 9th August (Sunday)

Venue: Banbury Market Place
Event detail:

  • Visitors can shop around a mixture of stalls selling and offering samples of various produce offered by small, independent producers who specialise in non-supermarket types of food, beer, wine and cider
  • Visitors will also be able to watch food preparation, cooking & cake demonstrations, wine tasting as well as to join ‘ready steady cook’ type competitions
  • Visitors are welcomed to join the Banbury Flower and Produce Show. You can browse the fruit, vegetables and flower, which are grown by local gardeners. Homemade jams, chutneys and cakes are also ready for purchase.

Nottingham Food & Drink Festival

Event Title: The Nottingham Food & Drink Festival

Date: 15-16th August (Saturday- Sunday)

Venue: Elizabethan Wollaton Mansion and Park

Event detail:

  • National and regional celebrity chefs include Stacie Stewart and Mark Lloyd will join together and introduce an intriguing selection of international food backgrounds and influences to us
  • Food Halls will feature a line-up of local and regional speciality food and drinks producers, particularly focused on British food provenance, locally reared meats and artisan baking…etc
  • Visitors can enjoy the local music and beautiful view of the Wollaton Park

Flyde Food Festival


Event Title: The Fylde Coast Food and Drink Festival

Date: 16th August (Sunday)

Venue: Marine Hall, Fleetwood
Event detail:

  • The best food and drink suppliers in the region gather around to showcase their fabulous produce
  • Numerous street food cooking, including  cake, pies, cheese and wine are ready for you to try, buy and enjoy

Dunn's Bakery Crouch End

Don’t forget to visit Dunn’s Bakery

Dunn’s Bakery has been serving fresh baked goods in Crouch End since 1827. This north London bakery is famous within the local community for the array of delicious breads, delectable cakes and scrumpscious savouries, which are made on-site and displayed each day. Come and grab your sweet at Dunn’s Bakery. We can’t wait to seeing you.

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Would you like to try some deliciously amazing scones in London?

Then Dunn’s Bakery would be a great choice for you!

A scone, a single-serving cake which often lightly sweetened and occasionally glazed, was an important part of cherished English tea tradition.  It differs from a teacake and other sweet buns, which are often made with yeast.  Traditionally, scones are the plain, modern version, which often includes dried fruits or nuts.  There are a few simple etiquettes to follow if you are planning a formal-style tea party. Firstly, slice your scone horizontally into half, after that, spoon a dollop of clotted cream and jam, each onto the edges of your plate, adding just enough for one half of your scone. And finally, take a sip of tea after each bite of the scone. Try different flavours of scones and have a wonderful afternoon tea party.

If you are looking for fresh and unforgettable scones in North London, visit us at Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End. Robert Freeman, the master baker at Dunn’s Bakery, has continued on his familial bakery, which was founded in 1827.

Scone Dunn's Bakery


We offer a wide range of attractive and freshly baked goods, such as scones, breads, cookies, tarts, brownies, buns and cakes to choose from. And if that isn’t enough, you could enjoy a delicious indulgent snack, such as a chocolate-smothered cookies or choose from a large range of homemade buns and cakes.

The array of tempting delicacies are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients, using Dunn’s unique traditional recipes.  Our wonderful homemade scones come in many varieties, with one of our most famous being the cranberry scone with crystallised sugar.

In February 2012, Dunn’s Bakery was awarded The Bakers Marque set up by Worshipful Company of Bakers, which displays to you, our beloved customers, that we continuously aim to create delicious baked goods from high-quality ingredients.

With our experience and expertise, we also provide premium quality and professional catering services for corporate events and parties. Feel free to contact us if you require a delicious food for your next function. Additionally, you can pre-purchase baked goods on our online bakery store.

And when you’re feeling peckish and in the mood for mouth-watering baked goods, visit us at Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End to enjoy a scone or cookie.


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Father’s Day 2015 at Dunn’s Bakery

It’s the time of year when we celebrate how great every Dad is and how much they mean to us. Father’s Day 2015 falls on 21st June and whilst we should never hold back when saying how much we care, it’s the perfect opportunity to really spoil him with a special gift of a delectable treat he won’t forget.

Father's Day 2015 at Dunn's Bakery

History of Father’s Day

Some historian believe American Sonora Dodd began Father’s Day. As the story goes, Sonora heard a Mother’s Day sermon at church and wondered why there wasn’t a similar occasion for her father. She was raised along with her siblings by her father and so, with the help of the YMCA and the Ministerial Association of Spokane, she started a campaign. The first event was held in 1910 and grew over the following years.

Other historian give credit for the start of this special day to Grace Golden Clayton from West Virginia. Following a mine explosion in her local town in 1908 and the death of over 360 men, she felt that there should be a day each year to remember all those who lost their parent.

The day is now truly international and is dedicated to having fun and generally showing your Dad what a great person he is.

Gift for a Great Dad this Father’s Day 2015

There are a number of traditional and typical gifts that a majority of Dads will receive throughout the years; socks, a tie with a quirky cartoon design, a CD or perhaps a garden tool. Whilst these are very much appreciated (as it is the thought that counts), it’s time to do something a bit different this year. Treat your Dad to a luxurious sugary treat.

There’s nothing so decadent as a box of baked goods that smell divine as the lid is lifted or the bag is opened, so if you’re looking for a gift for Father’s Day in London, head to our north London bakery where they have everything you need to really make his day.

Father's Day 2015 at Dunn's Bakery

Treat your Dad to a trip to Dunn’s Bakery

Dunn’s Bakery is planning to celebrate Father’s Day in style with some mouth-watering items to please the taste buds of every Dad.

Along with their usual range of moist cakes, sweet-smelling biscuits and pastries, the Crouch End bakery experts will have a range of Father’s Day cupcakes for sale, as well as some really fund medal to present – made from gingerbread.

The choice of flavours for the special cupcakes will be carrot and red velvet, a swirling mix of vanilla and chocolate or one of the classic range, which includes lemon, coffee or chocolate fudge. All will be topped with a creamy frosting for a lip-smacking experience.

A Tasty Way to Show Your Dad You Care

Whether you see your Dad every day or perhaps only at special occasional, take the opportunity his year on Father’s Day to whisk him away to Dunn’s for a fantastic (and tasty) experience. He’ll have great memories of the time spent with you as well as enjoying some of the best cakes in London. Even though Father’s Day may be only once a year, he’ll want to recreate the experience time and again with regular visits to buy more baked goods.

Every time he sits down with his inviting treats, he’ll remember Father’s Day 2015 at Dunn’s Bakery.

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